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Welcome! This page presents announcements and news about this web site and about the Scripture Music community. It is updated as information and new artists come in. Send us your news to post at webmaster@scripturemusic.com.

Updated March, 2011


Hitchcock Family Ministry

Hitchcock Family Ministry has recorded 48 scripture songs and is on the way to producing more! Verbatim KJV Scripture songs, music, and Christian resources are available at their web site. Song samples in KJV here.

Check them out at www.freescripturesongs.org

March 2011

Robert Lawrence Quarterman

Robert Lawrence Quarterman has 2 newly released CDs which showcase God's word sung through Robert's clear unique voice. Samples of a couple psalms in NIV here.

Web site coming soon.

January 2011

Bible Battalion

Bible Battalion has 8 CDs with scripture songs crafted from the NIV arranged by topic! Bible Battalion is a ministry of New Life Bible Fellowship. You're sure to appreciate these songs! Bible Battalion

Sept 30.2010

Susan Hawthorne

Susan Hawthorne offers a wide variety of scripture music. Susan has recorded MP3s and has written sheet music for most of the music on her site. Susan's Free Christian Music

Sept 30.2010

Adam's Road

Adam' s Road is a Christian band and ministry dedicated to sharing God's Word through music. Based in Winter Garden, Florida, the band has been together since 2006 and ministers across the nation preaching salvation through Jesus Christ. Adam's Road

Sept 30.2010

Songs of Scripture

Welcome Songs of Scripture! This site offers songs from Romans and Hebrews in the King James Translation as well as a full CD of songs in Spanish from Reina-Vallera 1960. Songs of Scripture

May 28.2010

Scripture Tunes

The Scripture Tunes' sponsored concert of scripture music was a blessing to those in attendance, who enjoyed a marvelous time of worship! Read the program.

November 15.2009


Check out the resourses for Bible music at http://www.agape3music.blogspot.com and http://www.agape3musicbycomposer.blogspot.com .

November 15.2009

Scripture Tunes

Scripture Tunes is hosting a free concert of scripture-specific music in Walnut Creek, CA. View promo.

October 24.2009

Scripture Song Enthusiasts

Scripture Song Enthusiasts is an open group on Facebook. Check in & chat!  SSE

October 24.2009

Covenant Life Church

Covenant Life Church has produced two albums of scripture songs. Great music! CovLive.org

October 24.2009

Scripture Tunes

Scripture Tunes is developing a digital library to house scripture-specific music in multiple languages and genres. With an efficient search function, scripture-content features, and direct access to the music, this new library aims to make scripture music easy to find, easy to trust, and easy to acquire. Read more!

Musicians interested in contributing scripture songs to the library may email to Info@stunes.org for more information.

September 26.2009

Esther Mui

Esther Mui has put the Songs of Ascent to music. Find her songs here.

September 8.2009

Peace and Purpose

In its Witness of the Light CD, the Voices of Truth Ensemble sings Bible passages in musical settings that will draw you into the deep significance of the gospel. It's an excellent resource for memorizing key verses. 29 scripture songs at Peace and Purpose. Samples on Scripture Music's MP3 page.

August 3.2009

Word Song

Bible scripture taken from the NIV, composed into song and sung verse by verse, chapter by chapter, with full instrumentation, played in cinematic style. Visit WordSong. Samples on the MP3 page.

August 3.2009

Pursuing Life

Pursuing Life has two volumes of Canticles Devine. The complete and unaltered text of 22 Psalms from the King James Bible in the form of musical settings composed and arranged by Frederick Steinruck, Michael Misiaszek, and Michael Owens. These Scripture songs are designed to aid in memorization.

August 3.2009


Yes, that's right. Announcement about this site! Last week a new page was added - perhaps you saw it? The "Links" page is now two pages - one for English links and one for foreign language links: Spanish, Hebrew, German, and more to come. Check it out and spread the Word: Scripture music in foreign languages is welcome here! Links-FL.

July 29.2009

Holy Scripture Music

Holy Scripture Music is dedicated to bringing to Christ's church Scripture-based music for the worship of God. Take a peek at HolyScriptureMusic.

July 13.2009


Please welcome BibleWorks by Ian Ferrin. His focus is to make verbatim scripture music with as much musical integrity as possible.  Look to BibleWorks for large blocks of pure scripture. More at BibleWorks.

July 6.2009

Free Bible Music

Please welcome FreeBibleMusic.com to the site. There you can find several artists with over 500 songs on scripture throughout the Old and New Testaments. Check them out at Free Bible Music.

June 26.2009

Sons of Korah

Sons of Korah's new album RAIN is due to arrive in the warehouse any day. Samples will be available on their facebook site.

More at Sons of Korah News

Scripture Songs Announcement

From Cheryl Rogers of SongsfromtheWord.com:

God's word is full of wonderful promises for our lives. What better way to claim them than to sing -- and pray -- the Scriptures?
This lens is to share songs God dropped on my heart while reading Scripture. It is my goal to share these songs widely -- and the power of praying Scriptures -- so others may be blessed through the Word of God.

Please go to www.squidoo.com/SongsFromTheWord for more details!

(Cheryl has also written a wonderful article on Scripture songs. Also, check out her great blog.)

Artist Bulletin Board

Wes Michael Gorospe
Wes Michael Gorospe has released his latest CD "Words of Faith & Hope". This is a musical journey through some of God's promises to us.
Katuv's newest release, "Living Water", IS HERE! This Praise and Worship project of Katuv is a delicacy palatable for any generation or culture. The sound is both meditative and upbeat. Sometimes a blend of sweet, soft Scriptural melodies with rich, angelic, layered vocals, acoustic guitars, Native American flutes and Middle Eastern percussion. Other times energized and uplifting with ethnic strings, world percussion, electric and acoustic guitars.
Scripture Release News Update

ScriptureRelease's download speed for mp3 files has been greatly improved. Every month sees increases in visitor downloads at the SR! website. In the last 3 months alone we've had major broadband downloads to Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and many others. Please pray for those unknown believers in these countries that are "hiding the word" in their hearts.

Scripture Release is the Topical Memory System in song! It exists to help Christians find a deeper understanding of God's purposes by using music as a vehicle for memorization of God's word. Created in 2001, Scripture Release contains 24 key verses with performances by artists such as Lisa Bevill, Kim Hill, Mike & Fiona Mellett and others. Sheet music, small group helps and other .pdf materials can also be downloaded. As always, all SR! downloads are available without cost or commitment.

Scripture Lady

Scripture Lady has a beautiful newly redesigned site with new samples of her "toe tapping tunes."

Newest Added Sites and Mp3

Word Tunes
Music for the most amazing lyric available - the poetry of scripture.
Links Mp3

Pilgrim Songs
Canciones de la Biblia
Links Mp3

Shirley Shares
Melodies for memorization and so the Word becomes a part of your being.
Links Mp3

Creative journeys in music and prayer.
Links Mp3

Original Love Song
Musical setting of "Song of Solomon" planting the seeds of Godly romance and intimacy between couples.
Links Mp3

Scripture Memorization Songs Word-for-Word
Links Mp3

Wes Michael Gorospe
Where God's promises are put to Music!
Links Mp3

Greg Stultz
The whole book of Ephesians in the NIV sung word for word in a folk, light rock, ballad, style.
Links Mp3

Bob the Bible Guy
This Bob loves to put Scripture to music, making it easier to memorize.
Links Mp3

Psalms and Scripture in English - Salmos y Escrituras en Español
Links Mp3

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Scripture of the Day on our Home Page
We've added a Daily Bread section to our home page. This links to daily scripture services provided by the International Bible Society and by BibleGateway.com.

Scripture Music Events and Other News

Live Music - The following links are to Scripture Music artists' sites actively presenting information on live performances or other news.

Live Performance Links

Bible Memory Music

Bible in Song

Kenny Mackenzie


The Messenger Project


Nancy Cupp


Nathan Clark George


Oracles of God Music


Sons of Korah


Wes Michael Gorospe

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